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Established in 2011, we are a design agency that looks at all the angles.


The Work Flow

The first step is the most important, a kick-off meeting will tell both parties straight away if they can help each other and are compatible. After this, the design process goes through a constantly evaluated design cycle until the product is delivered.


Revisions of work are a natural part of the process and we will discuss in the kick off meeting how this will effect the price. Mandarin works on a price-per-project but has a pricing scale for revisions that need to be done later down the line after the project has been signed off

Digital technology and abilities are increasing exponentially and so are the publics demands for these technologies. We believe it important to not only allow this to happen but to provide a channel for it to happen through. Being a provider of these digital services is what we do best. We love design and better than that we love implementing it into our customers projects.


We look for any opportunity available to pull in good ideas and make them work. Creativity is a key ingredient to a successful project and we want to sprinkle as much into the mix as possible! We know what works and have good experience of providing exactly what the end user wants.

Synchiropus splendidus


Mandarin is always willing to listen to your ideas. More importantly, we are always willing to take on a new challenge!


The Mandarin Fish?

Our thoughts

 Design has so many different facets that need to be considered when producing a project. In order for a project to truly work it needs to be looked at in detail at the same time as the whole concept. We manage our projects to ensure that this is present at all times. Ideas breed more ideas and creativity allows them to grow into their true potential.


The ability to nurture an idea from seed to adulthood is what drives us. As a by-product the customer gets a fantastic outcome. We are all passionate about making things work and making them beautiful, design is our way of expressing ourselves and our way of making a mark on the world.

Why the Mandarin fish?

Mandarin started in 2011, our  intention was to be a design agency that could answer the requests of companies needing a full design package. Having the ability to offer a range of products from SEO to illustration to product design means that we can can be that one company to solve all of your problems rather than having to outsource to many.

Yes, but why the Mandarin fish?

The Mandarin is one of the most splendid and beautiful fishes out there. Just look at its Latin name - Synchiropus splendidus. The vast range of colours represent the different services that we can provide. Naturally some of the colouring of the Mandarin fish is a gradient between two or more colours, symbolising the crossover between design disciplines.



The Mandarin fish takes precise and calculated movements when it swims and is very observant of its surroundings. It is always alert and is an opportunist. We like to think that we employ some of the characteristics of the Mandarin in our work process.


Your website is the modern day face of your company and your brand, so it is important that its perfect. Giving a potential customer what they need as soon as possible and keeping them on your website is what we strive to do. We do this through beautiful design, a close working relationship with you, the customer and a lot of thought and hard work.


We have a number of tools in our toolbox that will allow us to deliver a website that performs exactly as your brief suggested it should. A website shouldn't just function, it should sparkle and it is this notion that Mandarin always keeps at the front of every Web based project









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